From: Alycia Edgar, former stressed out business owner

If you’re a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you’d probably answer ‘yes’ to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you struggle to get things done in your day?
  • Are you super busy keeping up with all the “busy” work in your business?
  • Do you have projects you’ve been dying to implement but can’t find the time?
  • Do you feel like your business is taking over your life?
  • Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating?
  • Do you feel that your health is beginning to suffer due to stress?
  • Are you constantly fighting feelings of overwhelm?
  • Do you feel like things are “falling through the cracks”?
  • If you work with a team, do you feel that you’re holding them back?

This is not how your life was meant to turn out, was it? I know exactly how you feel, because 2 years ago I was in the same position.

My name is Alycia Edgar and I run a business as a fully qualified accountant. I’ve always been an analytical person and accounting was something I was very good at in school. I started out working in a traditional office environment but decided to start my own business when I had children. I wanted to achieve a certain lifestyle and was looking forward to the new challenges that being a business owner would bring.

Things started out well. I was happy to keep the business small when my children were younger. However, later on I decided to grow my business so I put my foot on the gas pedal!

My business became a nightmare

I was successful in getting a number of clients but I wasn’t coping with the workload. I wasn’t sleeping very well and frequently woke at 4am remembering some important client task that I had forgotten to do.

I’d toss and turn trying to get back to sleep, only to get up half an hour later as I couldn’t stand it anymore! I’d finish the work off for the client in the middle of the night.

I was bursting at the seams, I had so much to do and things kept falling through the cracks.

I would meet people that had great opportunities for me to grow my business but I didn’t have the capacity to make the most of them. I had plenty of prospects who were keen to work with me, but I wasn’t getting the time to follow up. I had so much going on – I was struggling to keep up with client work and the business was not growing beyond that. Add to this a busy family life and I was at the end of my tether. I was just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast.

What was I doing wrong? Why wasn’t I getting real results from all my efforts?

I knew I had a problem, so I found a solution

I spent what little free time I had trying to find a solution. I knew I needed to be more efficient with my time but I had no idea where to start. I started using a few productivity tips I had read on the internet which helped a bit, but it wasn’t the whole picture. I was so overwhelmed with everything, I wasn’t sleeping, I was very grumpy and forever worried that I’d forgotten something.

One day I sat down and decided to scrutinise my business very carefully. I discovered some holes that I needed to plug and then realised I needed SYSTEMS. I did hours of research and invested quite a bit of money into learning about other people’s systems. I then spent hours developing and tweaking my own systems, which eventually worked through trial and error.

I started to see excellent results by implementing systems

Each time I implemented a new system I started to enjoy new results in my business, such as:

  • An increased client base of 66%
  • Doubling of my revenue
  • A new peace of mind – no more waking up at 4am!
  • Developing lucrative joint venture relationships
  • More time for my family
  • No more feelings of guilt about taking a day off!

I have even begun selling one of my proprietary systems online to help business owners get control over their paperwork, but …that’s getting ahead of myself here!

I now run my business using a number of different systems that all work coherently together. They have enabled me to enjoy each day feeling focused, motivated and optimistic about the future. I achieve much more in one day than I used to.

My clients are very happy with the service we provide them. I work well with my team and together we are getting things done!

I actually have time and energy to step back from working IN my business to working ON my business. I finally feel in control of my business and my life.

I would like to share my systems with you

There are five key areas that need to be “systematized” in order for your business to be a success. Ultimately, it’s about becoming more efficient. I know this might sound a bit boring and tedious but believe me, it’s not as bad as it sounds! It’s actually quite easy once you put your mind to it.

One of the reasons I went into business was to help others. I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I have helped someone, whether it be doing their accounts, or helping their business become more successful.

I’m pleased to announce my program called “Bizfficiency – Discover the Business of Business”. This is a 5 week e-course delivered to your inbox each week over the course of 5 weeks, with links to download audios, worksheets and transcripts.

In each module I focus on a different aspect of implementing successful systems in your business:

Modules One and Two

Personal Productivity System

In the first and second week you will discover how to:

  • Get organised once and for all
  • “Batch yourself” for maximum effectiveness
  • Plan each work week so that you go beyond “just surviving”
  • Streamline your work week so that you achieve more than ever before
  • Remove the time suckers in your life
  • Say “no” to unnecessary demands on your precious time
  • Leverage your time in innovative ways
  • Step back from the every day “doing” so that your business grows in the long-term
  • Delegate the tasks you don’t enjoy so you have time to work on what you do best
  • Avoid common mistakes when outsourcing
  • Work with your natural body rhythms so that work becomes effortless
  • Deal with your inbox so that it’s no longer a source of stress
  • Stop being the “bottleneck” in your business
  • Avoid the “bright shiny object” syndrome
Modules Three and Four

Marketing Systems and Client Systems

  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Increase your hourly rate exponentially
  • Earn more by putting together service “packages” rather than individual services
  • Get your clients to commit to a longer-term relationship from the start
  • Retain clients in the long-term
  • Set up a “client relationship management” system so that everything is in one place
  • Track client projects so that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Use the best tools out there to manage projects and your team (save lots of time by not having to research the tools yourself)
  • “Repurpose” your material to reach a wider audience
  • Make sure that your marketing activities get done using a powerful visual method
  • Manage your social media networking so that it doesn’t take over your life
  • What a “marketing funnel” is and how to make sure that you have a constant flow of new clients
  • Offer extra value in terms of “freebies” (at very little cost to you). I will also give you ideas on where to find freebies to offer!
  • Leverage your intellectual property by creating packages and programs – make passive income!

Module Five

Financial Systems, Strategy and Measurement Systems

  • Understand the true meaning of your numbers
  • Outsource your bookkeeping with minimal hassle
  • Change the meaning of your numbers to achieve different results
  • Organise your financial reports and paperwork
  • Decide on which goals you should be focusing on and why
  • Link your vision, mission and goals into one powerful strategy
  • Make sure that you work on your goals each day to make them a reality
  • Track your goals using your numbers
  • Measure your progress so you know exactly what your next step should be
  • Prioritise business growth projects that will get you long-term results

The beauty of this program is that you’ll be able to learn and implement a brand new way of running your business. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier!

What results will you get from taking part in Bizfficiency?
  • You’ll feel more in control of your business
  • You’ll stop missing opportunities
  • You’ll become the visionary in your business
  • You be no longer be lost in all the “doing”
  • You’ll stop procrastinating
  • Your business will run without you
  • Your finances will no longer be a source of stress
  • You’ll actually look forward to marketing your business
  • You’ll no longer have fears about growing your business
  • You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed every day
  • You’ll make more money because you’ll be more focused and productive
  • You’ll be able to service your clients and customers well
  • You’ll achieve new and greater business goals!
  • You’ll feel that you are running your business instead of it running you!
  • You’ll rediscover why you went into business in the first place
  • You’ll feel happier and more content
“When I signed up for the Bizfficiency program, I expected to come away with a few ideas about how I could better systemize things in my business to its eternal benefit. I came away with this and much, much more. Alycia touched on every aspect of my business from personal productivity to outsourcing to client relationships, networking and creating passive income streams. Thank goodness she ran this program at the end of the year as it has enabled me to sit down and work out a great plan for 2011. One that involves spending more time doing the things I love – both within and outside of my business.”
Kelly Exeter, Swish Design, Western Australia,
What do you get?

  • Downloadable mp3 audios of all modules that you can listen to on your computer, ipod or in the car
  • An online forum where you can post questions during the course
  • Transcripts of each call module to reinforce key points and for those who prefer to read
  • Worksheets, checklists and templates for each module to allow you to work through the program at your own pace

  • Momentum Mastermind Online  ~ Feel like you need to kickstart to yourself in action mode for 2012 after the Christmas break? If so, then this 4 week evening mastermind is precisely what you need.  Be accountable to the group, get fantastic ideas and gain momentum in your biz.  Whether you’re in Summer holiday mode or cocooning for Winter, this will kickstart you into action. Starts 4th Jan at 8:30pm AEDT for 4 weeks. Limited to 8 places!  Value $497 and it’s my gift to you when you invest in Bizfficiency. 
  • 5 stages to a Business Owners Financial Knowledge ebook
  • Complimentary 30 min consultation with me 2 weeks after the final module is delivered. You can use this time to discuss the program, ideas that have sparked or you can let me give you a fresh perspective on your business

Invest in your business today

Most things that are worth striving for require some investment of time and/or money. Note the word “investment”, because as a business owner you need to be constantly investing your time, energy, effort and money into improving your business and your lifestyle.

“I have rated this program very highly as far as clarity, content and fresh ideas on how to improve efficiency and satisfaction in my professional life. It can be very stressful trying to balance both business and personal responsibilities, and I believe I have gleaned very simple but highly effective strategies to encourage positive outcomes in areas of administration, marketing and performance of my business. Thank you, Alycia, for offering such an entertaining and informative program.”
Wendy Leitmanis Bowen Therapist, Victoria, Australia
I’m pricing this program at $297, which is an absolute bargain!

The true value of the course itself is $797.

You may still be thinking that $297 is more than you’d like to invest, however what I will be teaching you will drive your business to make profits which far outweigh the initial investment

What if you feel you don’t have the time to spend on this? Let me ask you one question, how can you afford NOT to spend time developing your business?

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? If you don’t take action now, you’ll still be slaving away, trading most of your waking hours for dollars and struggling to keep your head above water.

You can always find time to do what needs to be done. If you can’t make the calls live, I’m making the audios available for download so you can listen to them on your mp3 player while out walking or in the gym. Alternatively you can print out the transcripts so you can sit down and read them, or download them to read on your portable device.

The real benefits of joining “Bizfficiency” cannot be quantified in mere dollars. What is it worth to you to finally have a successful business that allows you to rest easy at night? You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

“The Bizfficiency program hits a very raw nerve for the small business owner. We all wear several hats a day and seem to have an ever increasing “to do” list. However, most of the “to do’s” we deal with each day are often unexpected ones from somebody else’s list, solving their problems! This results in us not even getting to start our own “to do’s” and therefore we can end up feeling like we’ve achieved little in the day.After the Bizfficiency Program, I have more clarity around my role in our business. With Alycia’s clear steps for delegation, I have been able to successfully delegate the recurring tasks that drained my time each day. Our team are starting to work more independently and in doing so I am seeing them enjoy their roles in ways they didn’t expect. With the time I have gained, I am able to work on new Revenue Producing Projects for our business, which always seemed to be the elusive dream. It’s happening. I’ve started today.”
Sharon Hardy, Queensland, Australia

Here’s my guarantee

Still not sure? I invite you to “test drive” the program by investing today and receiving the first module. Then if you feel that this course is not for you, please contact me for a full no-questions-asked refund within 5 days of receiving the first module.

What’s my next step?

Click on the Order Now button below to purchase the program

We offer a secure ecommerce website to ensure the safety of your information and we accept all credit cards using a secure payment system. As soon as you have registered, you’ll receive an email outlining the details of the first module. You can get started right away! The program will be delivered to your inbox each week over the next 5 weeks.

Alycia Edgar, B.Comm., CPA member
Jan Juc, Victoria



Imagine it’s one year from now. Are you still feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out? Or are you feeling focused, motivated, relaxed and in control of your life? I know I’d take the latter if I had the choice!


Remember, you can ask for a full no-questions-asked refund after you’ve received the first module, if you feel that the course is not for you. You need to let us know within 5 days of receiving the first module in order to receive your refund. There’s no risk involved in investing today. And you never know, this may change your business life forever.